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HPSLA STATE ELECTION ON 23rd November 2014

Due to Panchayat  Elections in Different parts of Himachal and TET Exam on 16 November 2014,Most

Pending ACRs of School Lecturers for the promotion...

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Achievements of HPSLA 2011-2014

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जिला शिमला के प्रधान काना सिंह ने सभी
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जेसीसी बैठक में अनुबंध कर्मचारियों

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हिमाचल स्कूल
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संघ के अध्यक्ष नरोत्तम ठाकुर और महासचिव
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शिक्षकों को राहत

शिक्षा विभाग में कार्यरत 40 हजार शिक्षकों
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4-9-14 का विरोध


Seven must-know facts about PPF accounts

The key to wealth creation lies in the practice of saving regularly and systematically. The public provident fund (PPF) is one such long-term investment option that would suit investors of all types. Scoring high on safety, by virtue of it being government backed, this wonderful option comes with tax benefits, loan options and a low […]

Guide lines to e-filing your income-tax returns

No one knows your income better than you — so why let anyone else file your tax returns? Register in tax website/Reset the password: First-time users need to register their permanent account number (PAN) in the tax website to do the filing. For registration, please have the PAN card on hand, log in to www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in, click ’register […]


7th CPC Pay Scale is fast becoming the most mesmerizing phrase among Central Government employees these days. Every Central Govt Employee is waiting to find out the changes in their pay scale that the 7th CPC would recommend to the pay structure. Sensing this eagerness, Bloggers have been regularly coming up with their own versions […]

Income Tax Expectations From Modi Government

The decisive victory of Narendra Modi and his party has raised expectations of an aam aadmilike never before. Every step the new government takes will set the course of action for the next five years. These are some income tax expectations which the aam aadmi has from the government. Increase in exemption limit for housing loan interest The […]

Permission for Acquiring Higher Education

Permission to in service teachers to undergo the graduate/post graduate course/training to improve his/her educational/professional qualification on regular basis/privately or through correspondence courses at their own expenses will be accorded by the competent/prescribed authority on the fulfillment of the following terms and conditions by the applicant/candidate: Competent /prescribed authority: a) Permission to academic examination i.e. […]

Women’s Day

On this occasion we would like to give readers a chance to pay tribute to the wonderful women in their lives. It could be your mom, who patiently changed your nappies and comforted you during tough times. It could be your wife-cum-superwoman, who’s getting promotion after promotion. And yet she finds the time to take […]


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